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the stub end of 280 in san francisco. mayor ed lee is talking about it with hopes of creating a new neighborhood and speeding up the arrival of high-speed rail service downtown. the idea is to knock down i-280 before 16th street - eliminating the ramps both at sixth and brannan streets and at fourth and king streets. it would be replaced by a street-level boulevard. the plan also calls for clearing out the adjacent rail yard to make way for a high-speed rail line. >> if you drive a toyota prius or a honda civic hybrid, there are still *thousands of green carpool stickers available. the stickers allow drivers to legally drive solo in california diamond lanes. just over nine-thousand green decals have been issued, which is well below the cap of 40-thousand. the carpool sticker program will end january 1, 2015, and its unclear whether it will be extended. while future exploratorium field trips will take place at the museum's new home at pier 15 in san francisco, one group of students will take over the recently vacated space in the palace of fine arts for an entire school year. the to
that to you updated. so, the san francisco 49ers the nfc chance everybody is excited to >> and kron4's philippe djegal hit the streets of sanwhere he ran into celebrating fans after the >> they certainly know how to party. the excelsior district. immediately following they poured onto mission district. who has cut a better than us? nobody. >> it is harbaugh vs harbaugh! we are going to take it all the way. >> it kind of looked like they would not get it but it looks like it is going to be an amazing super bowl. >> everybody is so excited. i think that it was 1995 the last time that it was a super bowl and in san francisco i was still on my mom of stomach. >> check the crowd. i believe following baltimore and new orleans they said to bring on their ravens. and and kron4's j-r stone was out at the 49ers game today where he found a handful of faithful 49ers fans at the georgia dome. he reports from atlanta. >> all is quiet right now at the georgia dome r dome rise up to sit down atlanta bow down! >> we are going to add one more to this. >> it was a beautiful game. the 49ers it deserves e
the position permanently. >> san francisco waiting for the results of an investigation into police misconduct. stemming from these surveillance videos from 2011 in which officers entered hotel rooms without warrants, sometimes, stealing items. as a result prosecutors had to drop hundreds of cases. >> if we have officers who are violating the law and constitutional rights weerk at risk n a free society have you to have the police officers falling -- following the law. >> last summer, he issued a training memo to officer autos the head of the university of california system is stepping down. he did not elaborate on when what those are. the board is expected to create a committee to search for the replacement. the 68-year-old says he plans to return to uc berkeley to teach law. >> more students applying for add min mission to university of california. nearly 175,000 students applied for admission to the system for fall, 2013 an increase of 8.6%. and la teen yoz are the largest group applying for freshman admission, making up more than 30% of applicants. >> sign them up, early. a new bill would a
and celebrate as the clock ticked down. monty francis is in san francisco with reactions from fans there, of course. hello, monte. >> reporter: good evening. we're along the embarcadero. we were inside the cavern when the niners won this game. the place went absolutely wild. take a look. several hundred people packed pete's tavern just across from at&t park to watch this championship game. similar scenes played out at restaurants and bars across the city. this game came down to the wire. fans were very relieved that the falcons were not able to score in that last minute of the fourth quarter. for san francisco sports fans, this has been an incredible last few months with the giants winning the world series back in october and now the 49ers are on their way to the super bowl. >> we knew they were going to do it! >> coming all the way back! >> i never doubted it. my team is good on the road. i knew we'd do it. no problems. our defense is tight. our offense is tight. we did it. we pulled it off. go niners! >> i'm so glad the niners won. i'm ready to party all night. >> reporter: and i think
on -- visuals projected on to the surface of a frozen lake. >>> new year's eve in san francisco could be bigger than last year. ktvu's john fowler is live in san francisco where people are heading out. >> reporter: as the sun is going down it is getting chilly here. this is the embarcadero. barricades up, people starting to mingle and gather here. this is a prime viewing area here south of the ferry building. >> it will be good. yeah. we came out here last year, it was nice. >> reporter: traffic enforcement began towing away cars an hour ago. there is no stopping here. these folks should have a great view. at the discovery center we found a family, friendly noon year's eve party. 2100 parents and kids. >> great opportunity for the kids to celebrate new year's eve. >> we can't, we are too tired. >> three, two, one. [ cheers and applause ] >> happy new year. >> reporter: we got a preview, hundreds of rockets on this barge anchored in the bay. >> fires every shell at the moment it is supposed to go off in the show. >> reporter: at midnight a 15 minutes of fire and lights. this is last year. last y
into the 60s. 65 in redwood city and 63 degrees in san francisco. we could have rain coming our way. let's check out the roads. >>> and still watching a couple problems on the road including this traffic alert still indicate on northbound 880 by washington. one lane is blocked. has been blocked for nearly an hour now where they had that traffic alert. so again, just minor slowing because it is a high school uh- huh day. there's not as much traffic on the roadway. -- because it is a holiday. there's not as much traffic on the roadway. and we have a power outage, on school road toward alpine road. we don't know if there's any power outages in the area. just a heads up. mass transit, b.a.r.t. on a typical holiday schedule. everything is on time. b.a.r.t. and muni ferries and ac transit buses on time. and a look at the south bay from san jose. 101 from the mckee exit, and still moving at the limit from san jose and santa clara. and here's a look at the nimitz, 880 near the oakland coliseum. and past washington, everything improves toward oakland and the
company. >> reporter: throughout the city san francisco police were keeping a close eye on public drinking. officers made sure they confiscated any liquor in the open but they say they only had maybe a handful of arrests. i'm sure frank knows a little bit about this. san francisco is trying to be that first market to win both the world series and the super bowl since the boston red sox and the new england patriots did it back in 2004 and 2005. so this obviously is a big year r for us. reporting live in san francisco, cate cauguiran cbs 5. >>> frank knows it kate. thanks so much. >> i'm feeling it. >>> the future home of the 49ers, silicon valley. >> stay tuned. >> fans jammed the sports bars, cheering for two teams, the 49ers and the san jose sharks who won their season opener in calgary. 9ers fans are extra excited since the team will be moving to santa clara very soon. >> it's kind of weird, you know, you're cheering for the 9ers because you want them to get the super bowl and they've achieved that. the sharks are starting off their season
. administrators also plan to install those so called columbine locks. >>> city college of san francisco released its doomsday plan today pointing out what will happen to students if the community system goes under. rob roth is live now in san francisco with the situation facing up to 80,000 students, rob. >> reporter: julie, contained in this lengthy report is city college's worse case scenario. an outline of what could happen if the college loses its accreditation and is forced to close. at city college of san francisco, students are worried. worried whether their school will be around much longer. >> kind of just makes it hard coming to school. you don't know if what's going on with the school. >> reporter: city college is prepared to draft a report on how it would handle closing the school if it loses its accreditation this year. >> it is our profound hope that we don't get to that point but it is our duty. >> reporter: students who complete at least 3/4 of their course work would still have to finish their classes at another school but could receive a diploma from city college. still many st
out our blog. i will have >> hello. you're watching the show that explores san francisco's love affair with food. there are at least 18 farmers markets in san francisco alone, providing fresh and affordable to year-round. this is a great resource that does not break the bank. to show just how easy it can be to do just that, we have come up with something called the farmers' market challenge. we find someone who loves to cook, give them $20, and challenge them to create a delicious meal from ingredients found right here in the farmer's market. who did we find for today's challenge? >> today with regard to made a pot greater thanchapino. >> you only have $20 to spend. >> i know peter it is going to be tough, but i think i can do it. it is a san francisco classic. we are celebrating bay area food. we have nice beautiful plum tomatoes here. we have some beautiful fresh fish here. it will come together beautifully. >> many to cut out all this talk, and let's go shop. yeah. ♪ >> what makes your dish unique? >> i like it spicy and smoky. i will take fresh italian tomatoes and the fresh sea
airport in new orleans, the san francisco 49ers just landed a few minutes ago. a full week ahead of the super bowl. >> turn up the voloom now, the -- voloom now, the team left this -- volume now, the team left this afternoon. the baltimore ravens will arrive tomorrow. >> and in other news. >>> police were in a neighborhood where aman was shot and killed -- a man was shot and killed last night. the friends are mourning the sudden loss. ktvu's ann rubin is live with new information in this ace. ann? >> reporter: gunman, they need witnesses to come forward. >> reporter: a large group of friends gathered to light a candal and say a prayer. he was bunked down saturday as we was walking. >> i heard loud gun shots. four. four gun shots. >> you could feel the tension. >> reporter: police responded quickly but by that time the shooters took off. >> unknown direction, unknown mean ez. we need witnesses. >> reporter: authorities do not know why he might have been targeted. his past includes a charge related to the accidental shooting of his girlfriend however they do not believe that was a
a live look from our roof camera looking at downtown san francisco. the building is live up in gold and red. i presume in honor of the 49ers as they move closer to the superbowl. we will have more coverage on that. first let us give update on weather and traffic. good morning erica. >> good morning james a lot of people will be excited about the forecast. temperatures in the south bay near seven degrees.70 degre >> clear conditions in mild weather as we head into the evening hours. >> richmond at 45. upper '30's in napa. into the afternoon looking at upper 60s. napa at 67. santa rosa at 67 also. 66 for san jose and fremont. 63 in san mateo. >> satellite and radar picture shows clear conditions of the bay area. no rain clouds to talk about. the storm track is being guided well to our north. you can thank the offshore winds for keeping temperatures on the warmer side into the afternoon. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights just that. >> similar conditions as we head into friday. amex of clouds for saturday and sunday. not much change starting to work week. tuesday n
>> reporter: san francisco police are looking for suspects in two separate violent crimes that sent two people to the hospital this morning. >>> we're following developing news from new york city. we're getting word of dozens of injuries now in a ferry accident in lower manhattan. >> reporter: and the search is on this morning for the thief that targeted the oakland museum of california, not once but the museum was hit twice. we'll tell you what was taken and what the museum is doing to try to catch the people responsible. >> reporter: it's judgment day for barry bonds and other baseball greats. we'll tell you why some people think when it comes to the hall of fame, they are out. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. >>> police are investigating a violent night in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood. paul chambers is live with information on injuries after a shooting and a stabbing just a block apart. paul? >> reporter: good morning, tori. now, police released the -- the scene here. take a look at some video here. police say the fi
the currents. from the air and the water, rescue crews from the coast guard and the san francisco fire department search for a group of surfers reported missing around 12:30 this afternoon. >> made contact with surf who had been in the water. >> reporter: the surfers were catching waves behind the cliff restaurant this is cell phone video shot by a surfer taking a break on the dash surfer take -- shot by a surfer taking a break. >> we had visual on them early on. there was confusion as to whether three or four of the surfers had been successfully brought to the beach. >> reporter: with three of the surfers unaccounted for, searchers started to help others for their help. by 2:00, all the surfers missing had been accounted for. tonight all four of those riders are safe and unharm. the coast guard says while out on the water today the crews asked ocean beach surfers to head into shore for their own safety. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we now go to mark toe my yay for the high wind advisory. >> our -- our buoy reports shore, you can see them around 7 to 9 feet but the surf is pick
for the waterfront fireworks show in san francisco. maureen kelly has what police are doing to keep everyone safe. but first tonight -- a look at the new year already being rung in across the globe. san francicso is ready to ring in the new year. with a fireworks show along the embarcadero. (music) (cheers & applause) 'happy new year!" (music) (old angs eyes..) (music) "katty perry's 'firework" .... >> jacqueline: if you are hoping to catch some local fireworks the weather should cooperate. taking a look to the bay bridge toll plaza of the increase with clouds. satellite & radar showing that this is quickly sweeping for northern california. we are getting a bit of rain that is offshore at this hour. clear conditions in the wake of this system. a narrow band of storms pushing through california. and in the next couple of hours will start to see clouds. in the next 4 hours, some clearing. showers mainly offshore. petaluma, highway 101 but mainly through clear conditions at the fireworks forecast just a few clouds. it will be equal however, with your full forecast, coming up. >> speaking of your emb
look outside from our roof camera. looking back at san francisco. we're watching the weather this morning. >> the rain is mainly in the north bay james. we are seeing a little bit of a shower in the san mateo area. no accidents on the road way. really light rain. most of the bay area, 95 percent of of our tribe. it is dry. >> the green on screen indicates light rain. portions of highway 101. drive with caution. light rain reported around the coast. >> it is drive around san mateo. the satellite tracking has crossed the bay. in the haywood oakland area light rain. futurecast 4 shows not all of us was the rain. by 10:00 a.m. this morning predominantly in the north bank. light rain for the east shore freeway towards the interior valleys as well. >> 2:00 p.m., it will fill in for the delta, livermore valley. we will still be dry in the peninsula. 8:00 p.m. tonight, it spreads south. light rain for the san jose, mountain view area. >> we are still dry for redwood city and san bruno. >> it depends on where you are located. it is a cold start to the morning. not as chilly as the pas
cool for some of us. 29 in the bay. upper 30s to low 40s. san francisco, 40 degrees for you. into hillsburg, 32 for you. a little bit of patchy fog over the north bay valley including maybe a little bit of frost as well. icy roads not out of the question. 31 degrees in walnut creek. now that the sun is up, our temperatures will beginning to rebound. we have mostly sunny skies out there and if i back it up a little bit more, you can see how the cloud cover is pushed to the north. no rain in the forecast at least for the weekend and the first half of the wieck. we are looking -- week, we are looking at dry conditions as well. the temperatures above average and nearing 70 degrees in some areas. mid 60s for san jose. slightly warmer for tomorrow. monday, perhaps you have the three day weekend, going to be just as nice. as we get into wednesday, we are looking at the first possibility in a while of maybe some of that wet stuff. more coming up in just a bit, and i'll have an hour by hour detailed forecast coming up in just a bit. >>> coming up, we'll have more on the hostage crisi
call off ocean beach today. san francisco fire and the coast guard helped rescue the surfers stuck in strong rip tides. the waters made it difficult to locate the surfers. the coast guard helicopter found one of them. another man suffered a shoulder injury but the surf surfer managed to paddle back on his own. >> the bay area coastline is under a high surf advisory through 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. swells are expected to increase over the weekend. the waves are a welcome sight for 24 surfers competing in the mavericks invitational tomorrow morning off the coast of half moon bay. we'll have a live report tomorrow at 5:00. >>> san francisco 49ers' wide receiver michael crabtree has volunteer tear live met with police in their investigation into an alleged sexual assault. crabtree has not been detained or arrested. police say the alleged incident happened last sunday morning in a san francisco hotel a few hours after he 49ers playoff game against green bay. right now crabtree is in atlanta with the team, gearing up for tomorrow's show down with the falcons. fans say the accusation is surpri
are now. immediately after the game, they are celebrating in the streets of san francisco as it was generally peaceful with the major problems and the far cry from the celebrations winning the world series as they will continue to move around the bay area. linda yee checked out a couple of them. >> i did -- i did not see some of them, but some tension down in the air. >> reporter: the color of the hour red and white and the same quest as we hope they will win their sixth super bowl. but the fans, they are excited and just moments after that game was over today, they hit the streets. >> reporter: they were on the sidewalk, in the bars, and parading down the stereoed. niners fever is incurable tonight. >> we're going to the super bowl. >> reporter: this guy had his own version of kaepernick and it did not take long for the new orleans themed t-shirts to hit the streets. they were moving fast. >> we've got that in going to the super bowl. >> reporter: throughout the celebrating city, cops were keeping a close eye on public drinking, confiscating gaily kor consumed on the side
learn and grow from this experience in this situation. and that i love san francisco. anybody has any entitlement to what they want to believe or do. >> reporter: culliver's teammates weighed in on a day that they would have much preferred have been talking about football. >> i don't believe there's malice in his heart. he's not that kind of person. he's not a -- he's not an ugly person. he's not a discriminating person. >> whatever you are into, that's you. everybody is into something different. if you can play football, you are welcome in our locker room. >> he wants to grow,ed a learn from the lbgt community. now it's up to us to treat that with insensitivity and intolerance and say no, he doesn't have that opportunity or you can take him at his word. >> reporter: well, jed york described how this was a learning experience for everyone. you can bet that chris culliver has already learned a from it. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> the nfl and federal agents this morning touted their efforts to crack down on fake nfl merchandise. they say a crackdown called "operati
there with 7- 0 falcons. 46 yards. this is a nightmare. first quarter for san francisco. they were outgained 182 yards to negative 2. collin kaepernick get sacked. jim harbaugh not amused the first 17 minutes. ryan to guess who? julio jones with the incredible catch. the former alabama star does a great job. and 49ers offense, finally got on the board. kaepernick, to michael james in the read option. sprint to the end zone. and until late in the first quarter. >> and they need to get back to what they were good at. making the decision. they made the wrong call. perfect run. >> okay. and the next dive, we had a vernon davis citing. the tight end is quiet. and he began the go-to guy. kaepernick hit davis down the sideline for a 25-yard gain at best. two plays later, kaepernick rolls out. week 11, all of a sudden, it's a three-point game. they left too much time for madie ice. former cal star, tony gonzalez. ryan threw for 271 yards and three touchdowns in the first half alone. fourth quarter, the 49ers would get the ball first. they will marc
the team's return but we will stop by with happy fans in san francisco. >> they were, indeed. you know, the color of the hour, red and gold. it is right behind me. the city is bleeding the colors tonight. and fans could not be happier. just within minutes of winning that championship game today they spilled out on the streets. delirious with joy, celebrating the home team. now, the countdown begins. by the way the big easy has nothing on united states when -- on us when it comes to street parties. >>> they are on the sidewalk -- >> reporter: they are on the sidewalk, in the bars, and parading down the streets. 9ers fever is incurable tonight. >> it is all great. we are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: this guy had his own version of capernicking. >> reporter: and it did not take long for the new orleans- themed t-shirts. at $20 they were moving fast. >> we got it. we are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: throughout the celebrating city, cops were keeping a close eye on public drinking, confiscating any liquor consumed on the
the green bay packers. police say it happened at the hotel in san francisco. >> michael crabtree has been interviewed and very cooperative with our investigation. >> reporter: police are still putting together details in this investigation and are yet to determine if they will hand it over to district attorney. for fans gearing up for the showdown in atlanta, it's surprising. >> it's news to me at this point. it's a bit of shock. >> i don't understand why these guys that have it so good, they are in the news right now. why he would do something that is potentially hurt not only himself and family and team. >> as a fan, i will not back him up until it comes through. right now it sounds fake. >> we made efforts to contact him and his representative. so far our e-mails and phone calls have not been returned. >> katie: happening right now a traffic situation in the east bay. there is an injury accident involving a big rig on eastbound 80 in richmond. the chp says the right-hand lane and exit ramp are blocked right now. if you are driving that way, you should expect delays and no estimated tim
from outside one of san francisco's favorite sports bars where the 49er faithful are gathering. kira? >> that's right, carolyn. good morning to you. people are already here. i mean, that is dedication. pete's tavern behind me and pedro's cantina are here. they just opened at 9:00 a.m. i don't know, 60 seconds ago. there was a line of about 20 people right out here in front of pete's and about ten people in front of pedro's. now they are inside getting ready for the game. let's show you, about 15 minutes ago we shot this video as they were preparing for the crowds. they are expecting a packed house today. a sea of red and gold. they are having some specials. we grabbed two guys on their ways at pete's. they got up at six this morning to prepare for the game. they have been weight for this day all year since the 49ers lost in last year's nfc title game. >> heartbreaking, right? >> heartbreaking, yeah. hopefully this year will be our year. >> i think it will be a close game and we should win at the end for sure. >> let's hope so, right? a niners win with mean their sixth trip to the sup
. >>> new information in the san francisco, what happened just moments before a san francisco tanker swiped the bay bridge. >>> san jose sharks' fans may get an answer on when the players will be back on the ice. we will explain what is happening today regarding that. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> we are ready. good morning to you, wednesday january 9th, i am dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with us, steve is here with the weather forecast, cold today. chills, freeze warnings? >> yes, it is on its way, dave and pam, increasing clouds, watch out for fog, still some pockets of it, highs today coming down in oh about 7 minutes, here is sal. >>> interstate 880, no major problems here, the traffic continues to move along very nicely if you are driving to downtown. san francisco 101 traffic approaching the 880 split, let's go back to the desk. >>> police are going door to door looking for witnesses involving a violent night in the pet rather neighbor -- pet rather row -- in a nearby neighborhood and police are learning what happened with a violent incident which
abord los llamados "trenes de la libertad" desde san jose y con destino a san francisco take vo ---esto, para conmemorar al defensor de los derechos civiles, el doctor martin luther king quien fue asesinado en 1968 cuando asista a apoyar una huelga de trabajadores de sanidad ---una vez en la ciudad, los manifestantes marcharon por las calles entonando canciones alusivas. ---la marcha finaliz en el monumento al dr. king, en los jardines de yerba buena. stop open cesar ---en un juego intenso y lleno de emociones, los 49ers de san francisco cesar ---en un juego intenso y lleno de emociones, los 49ers de san francisco salieron victoriosos la tarde de ayer y llegan por sexta ocasion al super bowl o "super tazon" al conseguir la corona de la n-f-c derrotando a los falcons de atlanta.. take 2 box ---ramon diaz nos amplia la informacion.. adelante ramon.. cesar ---san franciso se convirtio en la casa de los campeones del deporte... primero los gigantes y ahora los 49ers van tras la victoria del super bowl.. ---los fanaticos celebraron por todo lo alto en diferentes lugares del area de la bahia.
bones in the basement of a san francisco house near the spot kevin disappeared from in 1984. now, after all these years she may finally find out what happened to kevin collins. the sixth born of her eight children. >> intellectually, i'm sure he's gone from the very beginning. but emotionally i don't want it to be. >> reporter: an erie connection that turns out macayla and kevin shared the same birthday. and what it's like to weigh the analysis of bones that might be their children. >> i said to her, your probably one of the few people that really knows how i feel. >> reporter: ann collins, a grandmother, divorced in '72 says she finds comfort in her faith and family. and believes that one day she and kevin will again be together. >> hoping that i'll be in heaven, and i think he'll be the first one that greets me. hi mom. >>> new at 10:00, the california highway patrol says its officers will continue patrolling oakland streets for another 30 days. the chp had freed to help oakland police. but that deal was set to expire on friday. whether the chp will be paid going forward is another ma
in the basement of a san francisco house near the spot kevin disappeared from in 1984. now, after all these years she may finally find out what happened to kevin collins. the sixth born of her eight children. >> intellectually, i'm sure he's gone from the very beginning. but emotionally i don't want it to be. >> reporter: an erie connection that turns out macayla and kevin shared the same birthday. and what it's like to weigh the analysis of bones that might be their children. >> i said to her, your probably one of the few people that really knows how i feel. >> reporter: ann collins, a grandmother, divorced in '72 says she finds comfort in her faith and family. and believes that one day she and kevin will again be together. >> hoping that i'll be in heaven, and i think he'll be the first one that greets me. hi mom. >>> new at 10:00, the california highway patrol says its officers will continue patrolling oakland streets for another 30 days. the chp had freed to help oakland police. but that deal was set to expire on friday. whether the chp will be paid going forward is another matter. oakland of
on his mind right now. he's got this big situation going on here in san francisco. he wants his name cleared of any wrongdoing. and yesterday, crabtree voluntarily met with san francisco police before he boarded a mid-afternoon flight to atlanta. police say the sexual assault allegation involves crabtree inside a san francisco hotel early sunday morning, the day after the 49ers beat the green bay packers. crabtree was not detained or arrested. this is what his lawyer had to say today. he released this statement saying, "on friday, january 18, 2013, michael crabtree voluntarily met with san francisco police department and provided a statement. michael fully cooperated with the inspectors and will continue to do so throughout the investigation out of respect and integrity for the process. we have no further comment at this time." as you mentioned earlier, he did not talk to any reporters since the news came out. chances are he will talk after the nfc championship game tomorrow. we're not for sure exactly if he will talk regarding this case. crabtree is expected to play against the falc
outside from our roof camera here on van ness ave looking back at san francisco. >> another start to the day we have reasonings and effect. but us take a look at the weather with erica. >> good morning to you. today is often a cold start. the wind's are not as we are contending with a lot of twenties. the seven degrees and fairfield. 29 in santa rosa. these are not even your morning lows. temperatures will drop even more as the approach sunrise. it will shed up to be a chilly morning around the bay area. --it will shape up to be a chilly morning. as we get into the afternoon expect such a clear conditions. temperatures will be a couple degrees more of their two yesterday. it will be a pretty nice day we have a warming trend as we had throughout the rest of the week. later this evening it will not be as cold. it will be a clear evening. temperatures only dropping it to the '40's. as i take a look at your afternoon highs. not to bad in oakland. mid to upper 50s. livermore climb to 53. fairfield and vallejo 53 as well. redwood city 56 degrees. that same to tree in downtown san jose.
in san francisco today. >>> complete bay area news coverage. this is "mornings on 2". >>> good morning, welcome to "mornings on 2". it is sunday, january 6th. i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> we will check in with rosemary to see if the rain is gone. >>> not yet and dealing with spotty showers across the peninsula from san mateo and loss ooh ltos and palo alto, a few sprinkles there. and we have san jose dealing with light rain and off to the east where we have fremont and areas near hayward and showers in the forecast. we will have weather improving for sunday afternoon, what to expect, coming up. >>> streets are shut down in san jose. it happened four hours ago on south first, margaret streets. alex savage is joining us from the scene where they are still investigating the accident. >> reporter: a sergeant with the investigations unit with the san jose police department told me his team will try to figure out if weather was a factor in the deadly crash. it is still raining a little bit now. this is a single car accident that happened on the front street and the 280 overpas
in a collision with a san francisco muni bus. the accident happened shortly after two pm when the bicyclist swerved to avoid a car door that had opened up on geary street and ended up hitting a bus that was traveling alongside the rider. the person fell off their bike but was not run over by the bus according to a muni spokesman. the biker suffered unknown injuries and was transported to san francisco general hospital. >>> vallejo police are offering a ten-thousand- dollar reward in connection with a christmas eve hit and run where the victim still remains in critical condition. the 54-year-old vallejo resident was crossing broadway street at hogan avenue around 5:20 pm when they were struck by a honda civic. the vehicle then fled the scene and has not been located. the car is described as a black two door civic which may have some damage like a broken right headlight. damaged hood. and possibly a broken windshield. the victim was taken to john muir hospital and remains in critical condition. >>> is lance armstrong planning to make a public statement about his use of banned performance enha
analysis. >> did someone say celebration? let's talk about the san francisco 49ers, an incredible comeback. the meaners set the georgia dome already down 10-0 when julio jones gets the strike from matt ryan. there's the pregame. tense start for colin kaepernick. here was the score that was the dagger. it appeared to be at the time. julio jones gets both feet inbounds with with a pass from matt ryan, 17-0 the score. then we got colin kaepernick with the hand-off to michael james to put the niners on the board. then colin kaepernick to vernon davis to bring the niners within three. down 17-14. when it looked like the niners would go into the half down three, the falcons put together an incredible drive, ends up with this towchdown pass, less than 30 seconds left in the half. niners down 24-14 at the half. the niners defense holds atlanta scoreless in the second. gore with the touchdown here to bring the niners within three. then david acres ties it up with a 38-yard field goal off the up right. his woes continue. harbaugh can't believe it. there's alex smith sitting on the sidelines. the nin
. it is freezing and below freezing in concord, livermore, around the bay, it is a little better. san francisco is one of the warmer spots. 70 in hayward and the clear skies and temperatures in the upper 40s and 50s. right around half moon bay. you can see a few high clouds drifting in. and that is going to be about it. we will have mostly sunny skies. soft sunlight and ridge of high pressure still in place. has been like this for the last several days. it just pushes the storm track well to the north. we will remain high and dry. and if you have tomorrow off as well, we will have a mild forecast for you as well. highs anywhere from upper 50s to mid-60s and some of the warmer spots. hitting 70 degrees. and a northeast breeze will kick up. and it could be a little breezy in your neighborhood. especially along the coast for today. wind will be kicking up for the afternoon. 63 in berkeley and mid-60s for san francisco, novato, santa clara valley and barely budged the numbers from yesterday. santa cruz and in gill roy. the extended forecast is slightly warmer for monday. one more day of the upward
stern. in a statement released from the organization, it says that the san francisco 49ers rejected comments that were made yesterday. there's no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. we proudly serve the lgbt community. and they need to stay quiet about being gay. >> i appreciate your time and good luck at the game. >> reporter: some very bold comments and certainly hours and hours of interviews have been done. with the players, the coaches, the owners and these were some of the most controversial. reporting live, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: here now -- sports director gary radnich. is this going to have impact into the big game? >> gary: i actually had to look up who this was but i do not think so. he is just a 25 your kid-25 year-old kid. his name is chris culv er he is not overwhelmed with interviews and of this shock jock got something out of him antibiotics and says something stupid. >> what about your gay guys? >> i do not do any of the gay guys? >> there are nobody on the team. i cannot be with that sweet stuff. >> certainly, this is no defense
. >>> and then where do they go. >> they pose for a group photo in san francisco. >> then where do they go. >> probably go home. >> i have a lot of e-mails asking what they do if they don't own an ice scraper. here's an idea. put a towel over the windshield before you go to bed, another towel in the rear indoe as well. in the morning when you wake up, take off the towel and no ice. so there's a tip for you because we have more ice coming. >>> looking out towards the bay bridge where we have nothing but clear skies. currently, the temperatures are dropping very rapidly after an unseasonably cool day today. it's already 36 degrees in. after waking up to a morning low of 23 degrees. san jose 39 degrees. now, tonight colder than last night in most locations. # 2 santa rosa. 25 san jose. below freezing around the peninsula. that's why for the fourth consecutive night, that red highlighted area, that is where we have a freeze warning in fact. this time until nine o'clock tomorrow morning. that's your morning commute. that's when kids are waits for the b
a robbery that happened last night. and if they are responsible for any other attacks. the san francisco police to for mr. looking for suspects in san francisco, felicia reid, kron 4. >> pam: felicithat was alecia reed. -- >> pam: today was the first congressional hearing on gun control. since the connecticut school shooting massacre. and it began with a plea gabrielle giffords. who was severly injured in a mass shooting herself. catherine heenan has more. >> catherine: giffords friends say it took hours of practice for her to get ready for her statement. since being injured in a mass shooting in arizona in 2011.she has trouble walking and speaking. but it was her testimony that many people wanted to hear. her husband mark kelly would later say that if there had been tougher background checks. >> to miniature of tran are dying. too many! too many children are dying....his wife might have been spared. or if there had been a limit on the size of ammunition magazines.the shooting that wounded her might have been more limited. also testifying today. the head of the national rifle association
. the first one is, after the bleeding. it was inspired by 2 photos that were in the san francisco chronicle in june 2005. the first, i will read the captions. photo captions. and follow with the poem. children watch as police collect pieces of bodies from a suicide bombing. front page photo caption san francisco chronicle june 14, 2005. >> the not guilty verdicts in the michael jackson trial. front page photo caption, san francisco chronicle june 14, 2005. after the bleeding the blood spattered walls draw the gaze of children wanting to see what has caused such a noise. how can they not stair. arms and legs, pieces of torso scattered, the smell of new death and feared hair. they must be asking the same question. a person who blows themselves up must believe in something. must believe in something or else not. hopelessness degreesed in apnigzs, righteousness disguised in a tuxedo of death much the children don't understand. i being of the dead dying man the bleeding bystanders who left to buy cheese or tobacco. in car bombs suicide bombs and we keep talking as though this will end like the
. another spare the day as we head into the first part of your weekend. it is also clear in san francisco right now. we'll add some hazy skies as we head throughout saturday. it's going to be incredible, though, as we look ahead to the next couple of days. we do have some 40s in the north bay. patchy frost and patchy fog 0 likely as we head into tomorrow morning. it's going to be another cold start for the north bay but overall this weekend, it'll be mild and above average by about five to ten degrees with mainly 60s and a few isolated 70s coming our way but poor air quality is also going to be in the mix. the worst up into the north and also for the central bay with that spare the air alert in effect. we're going to have more on the full forecast and who could actually hit a few 70 degree temperatures coming up in the full forecast, raj and janelle. >>> a weekend of big waves and a little danger to go along with it. changes coming to the mavericks surf contest to keep spectators safe. >> the best way to beat bullying, you've got it, a little sweet georgia brown. we'll explain the connect
in the days ahead. today will be a beautiful day in southern california. much of san francisco to vegas. and we are going to start to warm things up with dry sunshin0 degrees the next couple of days. much of california heading above average. we start february nice and quiet and a warming trend in the north. >> it seems unfair, 78 in los angeles. >> that's a nice day. >> it is a nice day. thank you, bill. >>> tempers are rising after the military strike in syria and hezbollah. >>> plus, she performed at the president's inauguration. now she's another victim of chicago's growing shooting murder rate and police want answers now. "early today" is back in two minutes. blood pressure >>> and welcome back. here are some stories making news this morning. israel launched a rare air strike inside syria. u.s. officials believe it targeted a convoy bound for hezbollah militants in lebanon. >>> massachusetts senator john kerry gave a sometimes emotional good-bye speech wednesday to his senate colleagues. >> standing here at this desk that once belonged -- at this desk that once belonged to president
in san francisco and 30 and concord. livermore recently dropped down to 31 degrees. and tomorrow similar conditions for the afternoon and the morning will be a extended forecast looks dry with temperatures above the seasonal average. mid to upper 60s possible for later on today. i will break down those numbers and talk about the warm weather headed your way coming up and my next report. >> developing story coming out the east bay the contra costa county health department is inspecting a possible or a virus outbreak. we were students called out yesterday but the concern is still pretty high. >> large number report sick last week. will tran is caught joining us live from bert elementary. >> this is the high side as far as the investigators are concerned. on friday 100 students were kept on by their parents. on an average day only about that. that forced the administrators as well as health officials to try to figure out exactly what happened. at this point they expect its narrow virus but they have not said yes that is until they do more research. because of what happened at the annual num
of the last 6, which means start with the quarterbacks, you have colin kaepernick for san francisco, joe flacco for baltimore, they have great postseasons, so whoever looks like that guy early, luckily will be that guy at the end with his fingerprints on the lombardi trophy. >> interesting. let's turn now for a minute. to baltimore. is everyone putting aside what happened in atlanta after the super bowl? >> they probably are putting that aside. i hate ray lewis' dance, do you like that dance? >> no, it's horrible. but i like ray lewis. >> wait a minute, what happened to -- no, i hate the dance. >> i'm going to get into that. ray lewis is one of the most liked persons in the nfl by his piers, except for quarterbacks. i had a 45-minute interview with ray lewis back in october. the thing that came across quickly. very sincere, very inspirational, he told me before he announced his retirement, he wants to spend the rest of his life telling young people his mistakes so they can't make the same mistakes. >> do you think he's a changed man? >> i'm convinced he is, from what happened 13 years ag
the mvp 24 times. start with the quarterbacks. kaepernick for san francisco. joe flacco for baltimore. they have had great post seasons. so whoever looks like that guy early likely will be that guy at the end with his fingerprints on the lombardi trophy. >> okay. interesting. let's turn for a minute to baltimore to linebacker ray lewis. he is playing his last game and getting a tremendous outpouring of respect. is everyone forgetting about when he was involved in a fight that left two people dead? are they putting it aside? >> they probably are. i hate his dance. it's horrible. but i like ray lewis. >> what happened to i hate the dance. >> i'm not getting into that. he is liked by his peers, except maybe quarterbacks. i did an interview. very sincere, inspirational. he told me before he announced his retirement, he wants to spend the rest of his life telling young people his mistakes. >> do you think he's a changed man? >> i'm convinced he is a changed man from what happened 13 years ago. >> all right. are you ready to pick a winner? >> i will pick a winner. 46 super bowls. i have cov
are looking at the san francisco skyline. it is a clear start for the morning. there are instances of fog. the temperatures are just below the freezing mark. yesterday we did have freezing fog. as we head into the afternoon it will be mostly sunny and will be warmer. we could see possibly mid to upper 60s. here is a look at your numbers in your neighborhood. it is 43 degrees right now in san francisco. the temperatures will jump as we head into afternoon. i will have these numbers all coming up in my next report. >> and now to our developing new story. the contra costa county health district is investigating a possible noro-virus outbreak end at least two schools and lafayette. fewer students called in sick yesterday. the concern still remains this morning. kron4 will tran joins us from the burton valley elementary school and lafayette. >> they had to said investigators to find out what happened. you to see the school behind me and the gate has just opened perry ed so far and non of them are willing to speak with me. on friday the number of 6 c. calls was 100. they stated that this is why
. other big stories two people are killed in a crash after a police chase in san francisco's mission district. it's caught on south bay. our top story tonight.the fiscal cliff. the house is now voting on "fiscal cliff" tax increasesit looks as though the senate-approved bill will get enough votes to pass. for the middle class and earning over 450-thousandit also extends unemployment bill is 217. meaning thea police chase ends in a deadly crash. two people were killed this morning after a driver crashed into a liquor store in san francisco. this is surveillance video. a third person was badly injured. all the victims are in their 20's. >> while the remaining of this is being pulled away from the sidewalk the damage done is horrific. >> this was also in mid to 20 year-old pedestrian walking into the store that was pronounced dead. >> the passenger was also pronounced dead. this comes after the driver pulled over near the valencia gardens public, and as officers walked over he sped off. >> they did not want to get caught. toke off it because he tried to get away he crashed into this oth
, freezing right now in santa rosa, 32. 40 in san jose. and 48 in san francisco. this afternoon, though, we're basking in sunshine. temperatures moving well into the 60s. the next couple of days should be gorgeous even into the weekend with just a few more clouds. cooler and unsettled toward the middle of next week. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by green mountain coffee. brew a better day. >>> the super bowl party is long overdue. this morning we'll talk about the big game and the news from washington, with two people who know both of those cities well james carville and mary matalin. >>> and a new study says making small changes in your diet won't help you lose weight. even sex doesn't help they say. we'll ask the leader of that study what dieters should be doing on "cbs this morning." portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by capella university. bright students are getting lost in the shuffle. and administration's work gets more complex every year. when you look at these issues, do you see problems or opportunities? with an advanced degree
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